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Keeseville Plein Air Festival

I'm pleased to be taking part in this festival's second year!  Here's a rundown of the event:

From the ADK Action Webstie: AdkAction presents the 2nd annual Keeseville Plein Air Festival. The festival is designed to support artists and benefit local community revitalization efforts. Keeseville is a beautiful hamlet with flowing rivers, the world famous AuSable Chasm, historic architecture, picturesque small farms, and more. We invite artists from the Adirondacks and far away to join us to capture the beauty during the 4 day festival. 

Day 1: "Introduction to Plein Air Painting Approach" with the 2017 Keeseville Plein Air Festival winner, Kari Ganoung-Ruiz in the morning with community tours to help artists get inspired in the afternoon and early evening. 

Day 2: Paint the Water: Artists are encouraged to paint the breathtaking AuSable Chasm or the calmer waters of the AuSable river that run through the town.  Scenes from Lake Champlain and Augur Lake are also encouraged. 

Day 3: Paint the Town: Paint the beautiful historic architecture in Keeseville. Focus on the unique stone buildings, one of the 3 historic bridges, or one of the incredible homes downtown. 

Bonus: "Better Days." Artists are encouraged to paint scenes of anything human-built that has "seen better days." In seeing structures crumble, we can often also find the beauty of nature and the potential for rebirth. A portion of proceeds from the "Better Days" paintings will go directly to supporting community revitalization. 

Day 4: Pain the Farms: Keeseville is home to several magnificent small farms. Artists are encouraged to paint the pastures, animals, and equipment that make these places so alive. 

Special Preview Party: The evening of the 4th day will feature a special preview party, providing the public with a first look at all of the paintings created during the festival. Wine and local cheeses will be available for this very fun event. 

Day 5: Show and Sale: AdkAction staff and volunteers will be on site to man the Show and Sale from 10am to 3pm. Artists can come down to the gallery to speak with patrons or spend the day painting whatever they choose and enjoying the community.